What you pay for your investments is import!  We have set up multiple fee structures so that our clients have options.  Here is an overview of our fees. 

We call it Pick your Path, You choose how you pay.

 Fee Structure- Private Client

 We give a discount to clients of our sister company Karstens Financial.  They also receive Free Financial Planning.  

 Fee Structure- Insurance client of Karstens Financial and Private Client

Pick Your Path

  1. Percentage Fee–  Simple Percentage Based off the assets we manage for you. This percentage is tiered based off the amount of money you have.  As advisors we are tied to your performance, with a percentage fee if you do better, we do better. 
  2. Flat Fee– Flat Fee that is tier based off account size.  You can pay for this out of another account if you so choose.  If you trust our work, this is a great way to pay a flat fee and lower your long term cost.
  3. Percentage and Flat Fee–   Baseline Flat Monthly Fee of $250 and then a percentage based of your portfolio size.  You get to pay a flat fee to lower your long term cost but also have a percentage that is tied to performance.   

Investment Only Clients

Insurance clients with our sister company Karstens Financial